ARM RT App-Store for Windows 10 RT - A Windows Store Alternative

Since the store started to not work on my surface RT, I decided to develop a program that makes it easier to sideload apps from the Microsoft Store and allows you to install them manually.

How to use:

  • 1. find your app (Make sure you are on the app page)

  • 2. Click on the download button at the bottom right corner

  • 3. Find the appropriate package containing either _arm_ or _neutral_ in the filename and .appx or .appxbundle in the file extension
    (Download any dependencies if required)

  • 4. Download the files
    (some might not have the extension anymore, so add it back)

  • 5. Run the .appx/.appxbundle files and click on install


  • Some apps, such as Microsoft games, do not open because they are not added to your account

  • Some apps, need a modified manifest to install

Gallery: ARM Store on Windows 10 on ARM build 15035

Download my program:

Programmed by: Alexenferman

Programmed using Visual Studio 2019 VB.NET

My original thread on XDA: